Q² Solutions Scotland-based Central Laboratory Achieves My Green Lab Program Certification

Showcasing commitment to sustainable laboratory practices, Q2 Solutions is recognized by United Nations Race to Zero (Carbon) campaign via certification status


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — The Scotland-based Central Laboratory of Q2 Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of IQVIA and a leading global clinical trial and specialty laboratory services organization, recently achieved the global My Green Lab Certification for its commitment to practicing sustainable science. The certification is recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero global campaign as the international gold standard for lab sustainability best practices, showcasing progress towards a zero-carbon future.


Currently, the Q2 Solutions central laboratory in Edinburgh has more than 70 My Green Lab Ambassadors, employees who are committed to further increasing sustainability in our lab environments and overall drug discovery and development work for customers. As part of Q2 Solutions’ commitment to reducing environmental impacts, the Edinburgh site spearheaded the Q2 Solutions My Green Lab initiative, which was subsequently deployed globally across Q2 Solutions. Key examples of tangible best practices from the Edinburgh central laboratory include:


  • Running the site on electricity from 100% certified renewable sources.
  • Improving cold storage practices to improve energy efficiency
  • Implementing changes to reduce paper usage.
  • Working with key suppliers to reduce packaging waste.
  • Reducing the use of single-use plastic across lab kit preparation.


“While aiming to elevate innovation in lab science to improve patient care, it is vital that we ensure our processes and operations are also reducing resource consumption, preventing unnecessary energy and water use and much more,” said Tony Brown, Vice President of Central Laboratory and Vaccines. “Our Edinburgh team receiving this global recognition is a significant steppingstone in the broader and long-term commitment Q2 Solutions is making toward sustainable growth and a healthier, greener environment for the future.”


Working toward securing the industry gold standard of the My Green Lab certification for additional Q2 Solutions lab sites this year and onward, the global team is focused on strengthening its meaningful dedication toward sustainability by:


  • Continuing to implement best practices to mitigate our environmental impact, decrease waste and create efficient green labs by exploring new processes, technologies, methods, and ideas.
  • Further aligning sustainability goals with long-term business goals.
  • Enhancing lab health and safety through consultation with employees via the Good Catch programme.


Learn more about My Green Lab certification.


About Q2 Solutions

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