Q² Solutions to Share Key Insights in Bioanalytics Innovation to Optimize Processes at PharmSci 360 Annual Meeting

Expert insights shed light on best practices in bioanalytical services from efficient workflow models to advancements in technologies and platforms


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Q2 Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of IQVIA and a leading global clinical trial laboratory services organization, will participate at the 2022 Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists PharmSci 360 meeting in Boston, MA from October 16-19, to highlight various approaches to address needs of an evolving drug development landscape with innovation in bioanalytical processes.


Through the insightful speaker and poster presentations noted below, experts with Q2 Solutions will provide fellow scientists with tangible takeaways regarding useful advancements in the field:


“A Look Into the Future of Bioanalytics” oral presentation (Monday, October 17, from 3-4 p.m., in 360 Stage 1, Exhibit Hall Q&B): Hosted by Q2 Solutions bioanalytical experts Barry Jones, Prakash Bhosale and Todd Lusk, this discussion will focus on the how the industry is approaching modern challenges in drug development. As the complexity of drug constructs continues to evolve towards more targeted and potent therapies, rapid turnaround of bioanalytical data is increasingly important, and the drive towards decreasing sample volume for the bioanalytical measurements affords options to innovate the way that clinical studies are conducted. To accommodate the changing landscape, bioanalytical labs must adapt methods to sample collection, management of sample lifecycle and data acquisition. This includes implementing novel analytical techniques (e.g., nano-LC and HRMS) to provide unprecedented sensitivity and selectivity to measure these potent therapeutics, using laboratory automation to deliver solutions more quickly and reproducibly and adapting measurement approaches to enable techniques (e.g., micro-sampling) to support of decentralized studies. Through this informative discussion, attendees can take away more on:


  • The advantages and challenges of modern ultra-sensitive LCMS techniques.
  • Effective strategies for implementing automation throughout the lab.
  • The state of the science with implementation of micro-sampling in the bioanalytical testing lab.


“Companion Diagnostics: Past, Present & Future” symposium – A Global Central Lab Perspective” (Wednesday, October 19, from 9:30-10:00 a.m., in 151 AB): Hosted by Q2 Solutions companion diagnostics expert Alan Wookey, attendees will learn about various technologies and validation and verification activities within the Global Central Lab that are involved in the multilayered process to achieve approval of therapeutic and Companion Diagnostic assay. Wookey will highlight:


  • What a Companion Diagnostic is and how they differ from other biomarker assays.
  • Why Companion Diagnostic development is a complex process, involving stakeholders in pharma, clinical research organizations, global central labs and in vitro diagnostics and differing technologies.
  • Regulatory, scientific and clinical steps needed in this assay development.


“(T1330-11-61) System Optimization to Mitigate Signal Suppression While Autonomously Running Multiple LC/MS/MS Methods in for SiRNAs, Peptides and Small Molecules in Sequence” poster presentation (Tuesday, October 18, from 1:30-2:30 p.m.) with Q2 Solutions Senior Scientist Todd Lusk. In the small interfering RNA (siRNA) novel class of therapeutics, a major concern in performing analysis of these drugs is the suppression effects of HFIP/TEA mobile phases on other LC/MS/MS methods. In this poster, Lusk shares insights into an effective workflow model using LC/MS/MS methods by working with high-charge states of the molecule to enable quantification within the mass ranges of triple quadrupole instruments. By saving time on switching and equilibrating activities and running the process overnight autonomously, the instrument would be available for use at the start of the following workday.


“In a development landscape where strategies, tech-enabled solutions and expert capabilities need to be agile and flexible to stay successful, it is important for our experienced scientists at Q2 Solutions to attend PharmaSci 360 and create a dialogue and exchange insights with industry colleagues on innovative ways to optimize bioanalysis approaches,” said Kevin Jones, vice president and general manager of Vaccines & Biosciences at Q2 Solutions.


Along with participating in meeting presentations and discussions throughout the meeting, Q2 Solutions team members will be available at booth #360 to connect and discuss innovations in bioanalysis.


About Q2 Solutions
Q2 Solutions is a leading global clinical trial laboratory services organization providing comprehensive testing, project management, supply chain, biorepository and specimen management, and clinical trial sample and consent tracking solutions. Leveraging our next generation technologies, we deliver agile and precise services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We focus our innovative solutions and scientific expertise on ADME, bioanalytical, genomics, immunoassays testing, vaccines and central laboratory services, including flow cytometry, anatomic pathology, molecular and companion diagnostics, and decentralized clinical trials while providing meticulous regional and global clinical trial implementation support and high-quality data delivery. Our Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL) provides access to a broad range of resources, including a multidisciplinary approach to early-stage human biomarker discovery and clinical sample testing to help accelerate drug development.


At Q2 Solutions, our work is rooted in research, grounded in collaboration, and guided by our passion to turn the hope of patients and caregivers around the world into the help they need.