Bioanalytical Immunoassay Laboratory

Proudly announcing our new Innovation Laboratory in North Carolina

Our new facility, in the world-renowned Research Triangle Park, is the flagship laboratory for Q2 Solutions. This custom-designed, 160,000-square-foot facility houses a suite of scientific solutions for bioanalytical, vaccine, biomarker and genomics laboratories. The site is also home to our new Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL).


As an industry leader clinical trial laboratory services, Q2 Solutions can help you make informed development decisions about your drug candidates by offering an array of high-throughput ADME screening and DMPK services that use validated bioanalytical methods to support candidate identification and characterization. Our scientists have extensive expertise with high-throughput discovery bioanalysis and LC/MS bioanalysis platforms that enable various aspects of ADME testing and pharmacokinetic (PK) testing. From in vitro ADME screening assays and drug-drug interaction risk assessment to metabolite identification of in vitro and in vivo samples, Q2 Solutions’ services facilitate rapid drug discovery ADME property optimization and regulatory filings.


Whatever your needs, however complex the problem, Q2 Solutions stands ready to develop a solution. Together, we can turn hope into help.