What is the Role of Digital Pathology in Clinical Trials

In this episode, Dr. Monika Lamba, a pathologist from Q2 Solutions, discusses the transformative role of digital pathology in clinical trials. Despite its origins aiming to streamline trials, it's not yet the default. Dr. Lamba explores its evolution from telepathology and its integration into trials. The conversation covers challenges in trial organization, patient matching, and the crucial role pathology plays in eligibility, engagement, and consent. Pathology's significance in patient stratification, randomization, and outcome evaluation is highlighted, showing how it guides precision medicine and targeted therapies. 

Listen to gain a deeper understanding of the synergy between digital pathology and clinical trials, and how it’s paving the way for medical advancements and transformative healthcare solutions.



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Monika Lamba, MD, Ph.D. is a pathologist-scientist with 15+ years of experience and proficiency in the diagnosis of benign and malignant diseases of different organs, both by cytology and histopathology, incorporating morphology, immunohistochemistry, FISH, cytogenetics and molecular studies. She has extensive experience with clinical trials and is passionate about the digitization of pathology, and algorithm development for image analysis. She has published in well-known medical journals, is a peer reviewer of national and international scientific publications, and is an invited speaker on various international platforms. Professional interests include translational research, transduction pathways, cancer biology, immunopathology, digital pathology, AI, medical writing/ publications, and public speaking.