Biotherapeutic Immunoassay Services for the Development and Validation of Ligand-Binding Assays

A full range of services to support the development and validation of ligand-binding assays

Immunoassays enable the sensitive and specific measurement of analytes in complex biologic matrices and thus play a central role in drug discovery and development. We are well versed in what it takes to develop and validate an immunoassay in the regulated bioanalytical setting through our deep understanding of the science, statistical analysis demands and experience in the complex regulatory landscape that exists today. These attributes, coupled with our comprehensive project management and the available capacity to support high-throughput platforms and complex methods in a compliant manner, position us well to service all your testing needs.

Our focus on quality and our global industry-leading expertise and resources can support a wide range of large-molecule immunoassay studies.

Download the factsheet to learn how our experienced bioanalytical team can help you develop and validate your immunoassay in a timely and regulatory-compliant manner.