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Q2 Solutions 在生物分析服务方面拥有 20 多年的经验,并开发了稳健的分析方法,为药物发现和研发的所有阶段提供支持。我们开发的经验证测定适用于多种用途,包括 ADME 筛选/ADME 检测、发现和开发代谢物鉴定、药物代谢和药代动力学、免疫原性检测、生物标志物分析和表征,以及生物类似药检测。方法包括 LC/MS 生物分析、LC/MS/MS 分析、混合 LC/MS 测定、免疫测定和基于 MS 的生物标志物测定。验证前,每项测定都要经历正式的资格预审流程,其中 Q2 Solutions 科学家将审查初步数据,并评估支持验证所需的修改。


以下链接提供了 Q2 Solutions 为支持临床试验(包括 COVID-19 试验)申请而开发的经验证的生物分析方法列表。除已列出的测定方法外,Q2 Solutions 还开发用于应对特定挑战定制化的方法。


A Process of Method Development for Tissue Homogenization and Analysis to Eliminate Binding and Matrix Effects Using Surrogate Matrices

The analysis and distribution of pharmaceuticals in tissue is increasingly important in understanding the full action of drugs in vivo. Across molecular types from very small molecules to larger...

Small Molecule Bioanalytical and ADME Solutions

Q2 Solutions offers tailored and comprehensive small molecule bioanalytical and ADME laboratory services. We combine scientific excellence, high-quality project management, and outstanding delivery...

Choosing HRMS vs LBA for Bioanalysis

There is an increase in the complexity of drug modalities along with the need for more sensitive methods. Immunoassays, while often chosen as the first platform to utilize for assessing...