罕见病药物开发者需要了解孤儿药开发独特复杂需求的合作伙伴。Q2 Solutions 行业领先的科学家与您合作,优化您的研究设计并加快监管批准。


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Through a CRO's Perspective: Innovative, Agile Solutions In Vaccine Efficacy Testing

The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus caused a sudden shift in focus for the pharmaceutical industry. After the genetic sequence of the virus was released in early 2020, manufacturers across the globe...

In vivo model design and assay selection to aid in progression from preclinical to clinical

Vaccine development is a complex path with multiple checkpoints and steps. In this presentation, we discuss the critical factors that must be assessed in the preclinical stage including: animal...

Considerations to select optimal functional assay for comprehensive vaccine efficacy data

In this presentation, we consider the available options to those looking to develop the best available assay to study vaccine efficacy. By focusing on the two types of immunity, researchers can...