Tailored Solutions

Fueling growth through innovative, leading-edge products and services

We offer innovative, leading-edge products and services to enable communication of richer efficacy signals and address safety signals faster and more cost-effectively to enhance R&D outcomes for our customers.

Having helped develop 44% of breakthrough drugs in 2015, 40% of rare disease drugs in 2015, 62% of all FDA-approved oncology pharmacogenomics drugs to date, and more, we are experienced in delivering tailored solutions for your toughest drug development challenges by providing:
  • End-to-end lab services: Innovative solutions, technology platforms, high-quality delivery and global scale to accelerate and optimize your efforts – across the development continuum.
  • Industry leading development expertise: Expertise in protocol design, feasibility and regulatory standards enable early engagement and collaboration to optimize your lab testing strategy – and get products to market faster.
  • Value-added offerings: Innovative thinking and custom solutions to ensure you have the right biomarker, genomics, and companion diagnostics strategy to meet your drug development goals. End-to-end integration of our lab solutions ensures you optimize your development outcomes. 
  • Access to parent organization capabilities: Our parent organizations, QuintilesIMS and Quest Diagnostics, share our commitment to quality, customer service and – above all – helping bring new treatments to patients. 

Our deep scientific and medical expertise coupled with our strategic operating models enables an impressive range of end-to-end lab solutions and one of the most robust test menus in the industry, including genomic and esoteric tests, fit-for-purpose biomarkers and companion diagnostics to support precision medicine.

Learn how we use delivery excellence to continuously improve and enhance processes that employ strict quality standards in order to ensure our customers’ success in clinical trials, regulatory approvals and new product launches.

Discover how we bring together nearly 30 years of experience and scientific, therapeutic and operational expertise to help our customers shape better outcomes by turning clear insights into confident decisions.

Contact us to learn more about Q2 Solutions and how we can put our tailored solutions, delivery excellence, and shaping outcomes to work for you.
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