Shaping Outcomes

We leverage deep experience, expertise and data-driven insights to improve study outcomes

We improve outcomes through the integration of high quality data, coupled with analytics, and bioinformatics expertise by using advanced analytics and proprietary technologies that enable near real-time data access and analysis. This provides visibility of important connections to address issues to optimize drug, medical device and diagnostic development outcomes.

With a staff of >100 PhDs, 34 medical doctors, and >25 Pathologists, we provide knowledge, expertise, advanced methods and technologies to help our customers turn clear insights into confident decisions through our:
  • Breadth and depth of clinical and therapeutic expertise: Leverage deep experience, expertise and data-driven insights from our expert pathologists and scientific advisors to improve study outcomes.
  • Data analytics and bioinformatics: Our bioinformatics expertise drives solutions for precision medicine development – resulting in smaller, shorter clinical trials and optimized benefit-risk profiles for patients with a particular biomarker profile.
  • Technology solutions: Near real-time data access and analysis for increased productivity and better insights from superior technology, such as Quintiles Infosario® and Quest RESULT\VIEW™.
  • Strategic partnerships: Customers across the biopharma world – including all of the top 20 largest biopharmaceutical companies, as well as innovative emerging biopharma, medical device, diagnostic companies and CROs – trust us for providing accurate, quality data and analytics to shape better outcomes.

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Translating Data into Insights with Bioinformatics

Comprehensive Sample Management Innovations

Keep track of specimens collected, stored, shipped, tested and reported through innovative laboratory sample management

Helping you master your lab data

Improved oversight with your lab data now in full view

Simplifying lab operations for investigator sites

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Global Flow Cytometry Services

Unique global flow cytometry services implemented with customizable solutions are designed to meet your clinical trial needs

Bioanalytical & ADME Laboratory Services

Accelerate and enhance your discovery, preclinical and clinical programs

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