Patient Self-Collection

Patient Self-Collection

Supporting decentralized clinical trials with patient-centric remote sampling.

Self-collection, where patients can collect their own clinical specimens from the comfort of their own homes, without the need for a phlebotomist or nurse during home visits, is becoming more and more widespread with today’s technology advancements.


In most cases, the process of self-collection of specimens typically involves the delivery of specimen collection devices directly to the patient. Patients are able to collect their own specimens and send them, along with the collection device to the central laboratory for testing. This approach not only significantly reduces the burden on the patient, but it also provides greater access for clinical studies that require frequent and emergent specimen collection.


Furthermore, research suggests that allowing patients more flexibility in study participation will increase total patient enrollment as the number of tests that use self-collection devices increases in clinical studies.


At Q2 Solutions, we are working together with several self-collection device manufacturers to build a validated test menu that include capillary micro-sampling and dried blood spots.

Our most recent addition includes the industry’s first self-collection safety lab panel for United States clinical trial participants utilizing the Tasso+ SST device.


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With extensive experience in assay development combined with Q2 Solutions' decentralized clinical laboratory services, we are poised and ready to help you expand your study's ability to capture results directly from study participants.