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Our Vision

We are transforming into a next generation laboratory through:

  • End-to-end lab service solutions – We deliver end-to-end lab services across the clinical trial continuum and the world from central laboratory services, including our global logistics capabilities, kit manufacturing, project management, and specimen management to our comprehensive test menu, including flow cytometry, genomics, immunoassay, anatomic pathology, bioanalytical, etc., and across a wide array of therapy areas, including oncology, infectious diseases, neurology, endocrinology, and many more. To support customer needs and increasing demand, we continually invest in our global footprint, especially in China, our quality management system, and our global capacity.

  • Complex trial execution – As the clinical trial landscape evolves, we pride ourselves on being able to manage trials with increasing complexity, including studies with new and unique biomarkers, companion diagnostics (CDx), adaptive designs, and virtual trials. We provide scientific consultation on biomarker assay development across the breadth of development needs. We’ve managed 100+ CDx engagements throughout the world and perform the role of the investigator when needed. We’ve designed kits and databases to support adaptive designs like umbrella, platform, and basket approaches, where allowable drug combinations and or treatment arms may change rapidly throughout the life of the study, or when multiple studies use the same screening requirements and or placebo control groups. And we’ve supported virtual studies, studies in which visits to an investigator site are eliminated or reduced, by enabling near patient collection, or the collection of specimens via nurses and phlebotomists at a patient’s home or at a storefront location.

  • New technology and data assets – We continuously evaluate new laboratory technology, like next generation flow cytometry, next generation sequencing, translational bioinformatics, and digital pathology, as well as data and process related technology like our Laboratory Trial Management System (LTMS). LTMS manages testing requirements, kit configuration, alerts, kit ordering, queries, lab reports, data transfers, sample tracking, and metrics generation. Investments in laboratory technology and LTMS also helps us to unlock the value of our data assets for our customers by providing better insights to drive continuous improvement and future offerings.

  • Serving as a collaborative hub-and-spoke model to the industry – We partner with our customers to centralize and control sample and testing information today and in the future. Today, we use real-time track and trace technology for improved specimen management and deploy innovative solutions, like LTMS and Labmatrix®, from BioFortis, a Q2 Solutions company, to enable industry leading sample and consent tracking. LTMS, Labmatrix®, our CRO partnership model, our third-party lab management offering, and our experience supporting trials with point-of-care devices, help to streamline specimen management and tracking and realize cost savings, faster contracting and improved study data for customers. Our technology investments are modular and flexible, and we are piloting emerging technologies, like blockchain and artificial intelligence, so that in the future, as the clinical trial environment evolves, we will continue to be able to centralize and control sample and testing information on behalf of our customers, investigators, and patients.

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