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Effects of sequencing parameters and panel size on mutational burden...

Ramifications of varying cancer panel sizes and read depths on the calculation of TMB scores

Tumor Mutational Burden Assay for Response to Immunotherapy

TMB assay utilizing whole exome sequencing (WES) methodology and proprietary variant analysis...

Bioanalytical Assay Validation for Small Molecule Biomarkers

Learn about two unique approaches in the bioanalysis of small molecule biomarkers

Review of Immunotherapy Landscape and Importance of Biomarkers

Critical next steps to optimize your clinical trial design

Immunotherapy and PD-L1: The Future of Precision Medicine

Advances in precision medicine lead to new trends in immunotherapy

A Proactive Approach to Ebola Vaccine Development

Best practices for rapid test development and regulatory approvals

New Approaches for Malaria Vaccine Development

How advances in genetic engineering have brought new hope to conquering malaria

Tuberculosis Testing Capabilities

State-of-the-art technologies, quality management systems, and high-quality infrastructure to...

Revisiting the AAPS Recommendations Paper on Validating LC-MS...

Learn how the validation of LC-MS bioanalytical methods for protein therapeutics has changed over...

Mining Genomic Literature for Variant Interpretation and Gene Panel Design

Creating an evidence-based gene panel with prioritized literature citations for each biomarker

Delivery Excellence for Anti-infective and Vaccine Development

Supply chain and quality management systems to ensure sample integrity for high-quality data...

Next Generation Flow Cytometry

25th International Molecular Medicine Tri Conference