White Paper
July 11, 2017

Best Practices for Integrating Biomarkers across the Drug Development Continuum

A roadmap for a successful biomarker strategy
Having a comprehensive biomarker strategy can be crucial to ensuring clinical and commercial success of your product. This white paper provides a roadmap for a successful biomarker strategy, outlining core questions that should be answered during discovery, clinical trials and the development of diagnostics.

This white paper examines best practices in integrating biomarkers into drug development, examining the various categories of biomarkers, measurements, sample types and applications. The biomarker approaches outlined in this paper will provide solutions to mitigate risk throughout the drug development and commercialization process.

Patrice Hugo, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Q2 Solutions
Patrick Hurban, Ph.D., Senior Director and Global Head, Genomic Development/Esoteric Assays, Q2 Solutions
Linda Robbie, Ph.D.
Radha Krishnan, M.D., Chief Pathologist and Senior Medical Director, Q2 Solutions

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