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Comparison of Two Commercially Available T-Cell Receptor Sequencing Assays

AACR 2020 Poster

Deep sequencing of the T-cell receptor complementarity-determining regions (CDR)3 assists with resolving T-cell diversity, and, in oncology, detects specific clones or changes in clonality associated with anti-tumor immune responses. However, the extreme diversity of the T-cell receptor repertoire represents a major analytical challenge, as a gold standard method for repertoire analysis has not yet been identified. Outlined in this poster is a performance evaluation of the Oncomine™ TCRβ LR (long read) and SR (short read) assays in PBMC and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues, as well as a comparison to another commercially available TCR sequencing assay. Download poster to learn more.

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