Victor Weigman, Ph.D. | February 20, 2018

Mining Genomic Literature for Variant Interpretation and Gene Panel Design

Creating an evidence-based gene panel with prioritized literature citations for each biomarker
Identifying custom content for gene panels adds additional burden for mining appropriate genomic journals.

In this webinar presentation, a panel of scientific experts discuss their optimized system for mining the genomic literature for two key applications:
  • Variant Analysis
  • Development of evidence-based diagnostic gene panels
Q2 Solutions' Director of Translational Genomics, Victor Weigman, presents his team's method for identifying content for gene panels by mining millions of full-text genomic articles to identify disease-gene-variant relationships.

Download the webinar presentation and listen to the webinar recording to gain insights into the creation of an evidence-based gene panel.

Victor Weigman, Director of Translational Genomics

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