May 16, 2016

From eligibility to exploratory: planning and implementing biomarker testing for Immuno-oncology trials

Download our immuno-oncology presentation and learn key success factors for harnessing biomarkers in I-O clinical trials for better outcomes. Gain insights into comprehensive, well-defined biomarker testing strategies to enhance your I-O trial design. Leverage this knowledge to streamline your path to precision medicine and improve patient outcomes. 

This presentation highlights some of the challenges associated with the diverse clinical biomarker requirements of immuno-oncology clinical trials; describes how Q2 Solutions' laboratories have worked with biopharma sponsors to bring key research tools - including anatomic pathology, flow cytometry and genomics - into immuno-oncology clinical trials; and examines the potential for the development of companion diagnostics.

Linda Robbie, Ph.D.
Radha Krishnan, MD Chief Pathologist and Senior Medical Director 
Patrick Hurban, Ph.D.  Senior Director and Global Head, Genomic Development/Esoteric Assays
Alistair J. Watt, Ph.D. Director, Translational Science Laboratory, Europe

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