Insight Brief
October 25, 2016

Immunogenicity Testing in Biologics R&D: Whats your strategy?

Immunogenicity testing and immunoassays can be a crucial component of your product's development and success. Q2 Solutions' bioanalytical and ADME services can meet your immunogenicity and immunoassay needs from method development and validation, through sample analysis and customized reporting.

Download our complimentary insight brief to learn about the importance of immunogenicity assays in biologics R&D, as well as a key step in interpreting a therapy's efficacy and safety. Having a partner that is staffed by scientists with extensive experience in design, development, and implementation of these immunogenicity assays in a clinical setting – as well as thorough knowledge of regulatory guidelines and best practices – is important in the rapidly growing healthcare landscape.

Paul Rhyne, Ph.D.

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