November 15, 2019

Bioinformatics Services

Analysis solutions for insights from genomic data
As an industry leader, Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics offers a range of genomic services to support drug discovery, translational medicine, clinical development, and precision medicine including companion diagnostics. Download our brochure to learn more about our bioinformatics solutions, including:
  • Genomic Alterations - DNA and RNA
  • Quantification and Identification
  • Customized Services and Signatures
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Bioinformatics and Computational Solutions for Genomic Insights

Next generation sequencing-based big data solutions

Immune Landscape Signatures for Characterization of Tumor Microenvironment and Response to Therapy

Gene expression and analysis for detection of 15 Immune Landscape Signatures

Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) Assay for Response to Immunotherapy

TMB assay utilizing whole exome sequencing (WES) methodology and proprietary variant analysis compendium

Genomics Laboratory Sequencing Capabilities

Global genomic testing services to support drug discovery, precision medicine, and clinical development

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