Large molecule by LC-MS and immunoassay services

Solutions for your large molecule bioanalysis and the successful outcome you seek

Accurately measuring and quantifying biomarkers in relevant matrices informs numerous aspects of clinical drug development. Biomarker assays can match patients to appropriate therapies and demonstrate a candidate drugs safety and efficacy, thus illuminating its potential for clinical and commercial success. Q2 Solutions offers a wide range of tailored and integrated liquid chromatography mass spectrometry services to support biomarker testing and quantitation, including LC/MS bioanalysis, LC/MS/MS analysis, hybrid LC-MS assays, small molecule LC/MS, and large molecule bioanalysis.

  • Industry leading scientific team
  • Dedicated LC-MS team, led by 25 PhD Scientists
  • Extensive experience developing and validating multiplex LC/MS assays of endogenous analytes (e.g., proteins, peptides, lipids) and small/large molecules and their metabolites
  • Combining skills of molecular biology, proteomics, peptidomics, analytical chemistry and biochemistry towards mass spectrometry and ligand binding-based assay experience
  • Q2 Solutions’ LC/MS/MS bioanalytical services are GLP and GCP compliant to support FDA, OECD, MHLW, and ICH standards

Experience with the following modalities

  • Multi-domain proteins
  • Antibodies
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Antibody-drug conjugates
  • Peptides


Large Molecule by LC-MS

Formed in 2008, the LC-MS biologics team at Q2 Solutions is one of the few bioanalytical laboratories successfully employing both triple quadrupole and high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) for biological analyte LC-MS quantitation. We lead the regulated bioanalysis CRO industry in HRMS capacity with 10 validated Quadrupole- Exactive (QE) orbitrap instruments. Extensive nano-LC capabilities together with a highly automated bead-based immunoprecipitation extraction process delivers unparalleled sensitivity and proven reproducibility. These advanced technologies and our depth of experience combine with a collaborative approach to solve your large molecule bioanalytical challenge.

  • Hybrid Immunocapture/LC-MS for improved selectivity and sensitivity over either platform alone for specific bioanalytical challenges
  • Advanced techniques and technologies to measure
    • Low-abundance protein biomarkers for drug development
    • Low concentration bioanalysis of potent, targeted, protein therapeutics in biological matrices
    • Peptide therapeutics and biomarkers
  • Selective and sensitive quantitation of advanced therapeutic constructs (multi-specific mAbs, fusion proteins, Antibody Drug Conjugates)
    • Nano- and micro-LC capabilities for enhanced sensitivity
    • HRMS for sensitive targeted quantitation
    • Automated bead-based immunocapture
    • Online, column-based immunoaffinity chromatography
    • Breakthrough technologies

ADME Services 

Q2 Solutions helps customers evaluate in vitro properties and in vivo plasma/tissue exposures to optimize ADME properties for potential drug candidates and assess risk associated with metabolism and drug-drug interactions (DDI).

        • In vitro permeability of peptides (MDCK II cell line)
        • Drug-Antibody Ratio (DAR) estimation for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
        • In vitro drug-drug interaction (DDI) risk assessment of oligonucleotides and payload from ADCs
        • Discovery level LC-MS bioanalysis of peptides for PK or pharmacology studies
        • Biotransformation of peptide and oligonucleotide therapeutics using HRMS

Immunoassay services

Q2 Solutions offers a full range of services for the development or technical transfer and validation of custom- designed assays and application to study sample testing for PK concentration, immunogenicity and biomarker testing. Ligand binding assays (LBA), typically in the format of immunoassays, are the standard for bioanalytical testing of large molecule drugs. Formats can include use of target, anti-idiotypic antibodies, anti-conjugate, enrichment approaches, and competitive assays depending on drug design and characteristics of the drug and reagents. Platforms including chromogenic ELISA, chemiluminescence, fluorescence and electrochemiluminescence that provide the standard basis for macromolecule drug testing.

Quantitative concentration assays

  • PK concentration (Free, Total, Complex)
  • Biomarker for analytes that will be used to make regulatory decisions and for label instructions
  • Immunogenicity (Anti-Drug Antibody)
    • Screen/Confirm/End Point Titer
    • Domain Specificity/Isotyping
    • Neutralizing (Competitive LBA and Cell-based).

Additional services include critical reagent conjugation and characterization, immunogenicity cut point statistical reports.

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