Recent Poster and Podium Presentations from our Bioanalytical and ADME experts

From 20+ years of experience we understand the unique challenges faced by our customers today. In order to get your product to market you need a trusted bioanalytical partner who can deliver quality results on time and on budget. Our tailored solutions and extensive capabilities ensure you get the highest quality data you need when you need it.

Q2 Solutions offers industry-leading expertise and resources in support of routine and challenging small and large molecule bioanalytical, immunogenicity and ADME programs. Recognized for our scientific excellence, publications , exemplary regulatory track record, uncompromised quality and proactive communication, we have a strong record of helping our customers accelerate and enhance discovery, preclinical and clinical programs. 

In case we missed you at some of the recent conferences, below are scientific posters showcasing how our scientists are working closely with our customers to solve some of today’s bioanalytical and ADME  challenges.

European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) 

Quantitative Measurement of an Antibody Therapeutic in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS using Formic Acid Digestion.
Lian Shan, Robert M. Sturm, Raymond F. Biondolillo, John E. Buckholz, Barry R. Jones, John R. Perkins, Ryan Faucette, Daniel J. Sexton

Unifying Processes to Measure Entecavir in Human Matrices in Geographically Distinct Laboratories.
Benno Ingelse, Diep Vu-Pham, Karlien Schellekens, Elsa Artola, Christopher W. Binns, Erika L. Clendenning, Rachel L Caminiti, Martin M. Rappleyea, John R Perkins

Using Cyclic Nucleotides to Assess Endogenous Dilution Accuracy as a Measure of Biomarker Selectivity in LC/MS/MS.
John E. Buckholz, Barry R. Jones, Raymond F. Biondolillo, Robert M. Sturm, Philip E. Joyce, Danielle J. Strong, John R. Perkins, Jennifer M. Cox, Bradley L. Ackermann

Reid Bioanalytical Forum

Accuracy of Endogenous Dilution as a Measure of Biomarker Selectivity: Quantitation of cGMP and cAMP in Human Plasma by LC/MS/MS.
J.E. Buckholz, B.R. Jones, R.F. Biondolillo, P.E. Joyce, D.J. Strong, R. Sturm, J.M. Cox, B.L. Ackermann

Overcoming Triple Quadrupole Selectivity Challenges by Use of High-Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry to Enable Sensitive Quantitation of a Small Molecule Therapeutic in Rabbit Plasma.
Daniel Mulvana, Robert Sturm, Chet Bowen, John Buckholz, Raymond Biondolillo, Kathlyn McCardle, Chris Evans, Barry Jones 

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting 

Challenges and Opportunities with Aldehyde Oxidase.
J. Matthew Hutzler 

The Use of Ascorbic Acid in Dried Blood Spot Analysis to Prevent Oxidation of Thiorphan.
Drew Sparks and Kirk Knotts  

A Comparison of Suspension, Plated Monoculture, and HμREL® Co-Culture Hepatocyte Models for Estimating Intrinsic Clearance of Low-Turnover Drugs.
Todd Hieronymus, J. Matthew Hutzler, Mark VandenBranden, Brian Staton, Barbara Ring, Shelby Anderson, Eric Novik, and Matt Shipton

20th North American International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) 

Bioactivation of Indoles by Human Liver Microsomes with Glutathione as Trapping Agent: Formation of Novel Cyclic Cysteine and Cysteine-Glycine Adducts.
Kai Wang, Richard Burton, and Shelby Anderson 

Comparison of HμREL Co-culture Hepatocyte Model to Conventional In Vitro Models for Intrinsic Clearance and Metabolite ID.
Part of Hμrel’s Industry Sponsored Symposium at ISSX.
J. Matthew Hutzler