Oncology Solutions

Clinical, scientific and technological expertise to enhance your oncology research from discovery to diagnostic

Oncology trials of today require a laboratory that can effectively partner with you throughout the development continuum.  Q2 Solutions has developed expertise and capabilities that can uniquely support oncology research in a new era of discovery, precision medicine and clinical development.  Our end-to-end oncology solutions can support discovery phase research to complex global trials.  We help our customers design smarter studies by leveraging genomic data, more efficiently conduct trials through our delivery network, and seamlessly partner with diagnostics companies for companion development.  

Our tailored oncology solutions include:
Read some of the latest thinking in oncology and precision medicine from our thought leaders: 

Using Gene Signature Methodologies to Strengthen Immuno-Oncology Trials  by Victor Weigman, Ph.D. 

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The End to End Importance of Selecting the Right Biomarker in Cancer Studies  by Patrick Hurban , Ph.D
New Opportunities for Immuno-oncology Clinical Development Programs through T cell/B cell Repertoire Profiling

Immune repertoire profiling provides better outcomes for immuno-oncology development programs

Genomic Based Solutions for Your Immuno-oncology Drug Development Needs

Genomics-based biomarker approach

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