Immunotherapy and PD-L1: The Future of Precision Medicine

Learn how advances in precision medicine lead to new trends in immunotherapy

Advances in precision medicine have led to a paradigm shift for oncology research, from targeted therapies that rely largely on tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), to personalized therapy that demonstrate improvement in patient response along with considerably lower side effects. At the center of this shift is immunotherapy, in which researchers are developing drugs that harness the patient’s immune system to fight the cancer on its own.

Download this insight brief to explore recent advances in precision medicine, how immunotherapy works and the unique role of biomarker assays, such as PD-L1.

At Q2 Solutions, we help bring cutting-edge biomarker technologies and companion diagnostic assays to the forefront of clinical trial research in hope to identify biomarkers that can better predict patients that can respond to innovative drugs.

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