Download slides now from our 2 recent immuno-oncology webinars

To harness the power of Immuno-oncology, a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the anti-tumor immune response is required. 

With mechanisms still partially veiled and hypotheses emerging from all angles, one thing is clear  -  the complexity of Immuno-oncology trials has brought new challenges to all corners of drug development, including clinical biomarker testing. 

Download our 2 webinars to learn about the challenges and critical success factors associated with implementing biomarker testing in Immuno-oncology trials

Webinar 1: From eligibility to exploratory: planning and implementing biomarker testing for immuno-oncology trials

Key learning objective: 
  • Gain knowledge on key considerations for biomarker defined Immuno-oncology clinical trials and the development of companion diagnostics 

Webinar 2: Keeping pace with immuno-oncology research breakthroughs and biomarker identification

Key learning objectives:
  • Learn more about key applications for RNA-Seq in immuno-oncology
  • Learn how RNA-Seq provides high-throughput, comprehensive, direct measurement of functionally relevant molecular processes

You can also view our recorded webinar presentations on- demand.