Genomic Assays for Clinical Development

Identifying the right approach from a wealth of potential options

Genomic data is a powerful tool for drug developers, and finding the optimal assay and approach for your particular study needs is critical to drug development success. Choosing the right genomic assay is one of the most influential decisions for the success of a development project. Finding the right match for a project’s requirements results in a smoother, more informed and efficient process, while the wrong assay – one that is less efficient or one that is not fit-for-purpose – leads to wasted time and money and can delay delivery of important medications to waiting patients.

This insight brief provides an overview of key considerations when weighing various genomic approaches and answers key questions such as:
  • What are the key factors for choosing the ideal genomics assay?
  • When is the best time to use an off the shelf assay vs a custom assay?
  • How do needs change throughout the development process?

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