13 fail-safe rules for optimizing immuno-oncology outcomes with flow cytometry

Immuno-oncology drug development demands state of the art technologies to address the complexities of the immune system and its interactions with cancer. 

This flow cytometry webinar provides you with a foundation to address complexities such as these by providing instructions on easy panel building to generate quality flow cytometry data. The foundational introduction is followed by an overview of user defined panels, demonstrating how to maximize resolution of cell populations. This overview includes testing examples from validating laboratory developed tests and the individual standard operating procedures used during this process. 

Download the webinar presentation and listen to the recording to hear Mark Edinger discuss how to improve resolution for panel design through instrument optimization and standardization, the construction of an optimized fluorochrome set, assay format and performance conditions, and more.  

  • Mark Edinger, Scientific Advisor, Flow Cytometry 
  • Alan Stall, BD Fellow, Principal Scientist for R&D at BD Biosciences 
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