Enhance your Drug Development Process

Enhance your drug development process

Q2 Solutions, a Quintiles Quest joint venture, is committed to providing our customers an innovative, progressive and responsive clinical trials laboratory partner with the quality focus, global experience and deep medical expertise integral to enhance your drug development process. The Q2 Solutions joint venture was formed by Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics, combining the best of each parent organization's clinical trials laboratory services capabilities. 

Access top-quality lab services with industry-leading innovation

Each of our state of the art central laboratories delivers excellence through harmonized six sigma quality systems/processes, instrumentation, tests and reagents. Our central laboratory solutions are flexible, drawing from our deep scientific expertise and far-reaching global network. Q2 Solutions can help you meet the unique turnaround times and stability requirements of your drug development protocols and ensure quality and reliability from sample collection to on-time and cost effective data delivery.
Q2 Solutions’ innovative platforms (Quintiles Infosario®, RESULT\VIEW™ and more) use advanced analytics technology and reporting to give you near-real-time data access and analysis that allows you to quickly make important connections and decisions to proactively address issues to optimize your drug development programs.  With these innovative platforms you have greater oversight to see trial lab data at a deeper level to improve the quality of your studies.

With Q2 Solutions, you can bridge operational and delivery excellence and technology innovations with our internal experts.  Our experts represent a deep source of experience and therapeutic expertise that can bring years of clinical trial and central labs experience to your study and execution strategy, and also transform science and data into actionable medical insights to enhance your drug development process.

Discover how to transform science into actionable medical insights with a new lab partner, Q2 Solutions