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Corporate Brochure buttonWith more than 9 million laboratory tests managed annually for clinical trials, we are committed to providing our customers an innovative, progressive and responsive partner with the quality focus, global experience and deep medical expertise integral to drug, medical device and diagnostic development.

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As the healthcare landscape faces increasing complexities, a partner that offers end-to-end lab services across the development continuum is integral to a successful drug development program.

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Q2 Solutions Central Laboratory Services

Optimized logistics, deeper science, better insights

Planning and implementing biomarker testing for immuno-oncology trials

Exploring the challenges with the diverse clinical biomarker requirements

The Power of the Central Laboratory for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

Q2 Solutions Oncology Infographic

Providing one global lab partner to support your oncology research from discovery to post-market

Gene expression for keeping pace with immuno-oncology breakthroughs and biomarker identification

When and how to use gene expression profiling

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