International Clinical Trials Day 2018

May 20th, 2018 is International Clinical Trials Day. We join the global community in celebrating how clinical research continues to improve public health and advance important medical treatments.

In recognition of International Clinical Trials Day 2018, we invite you to learn how our laboratory services are helping shape the future of clinical trials globally:

  • Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics provides a Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) assay, which yields TMB scores highly compatible to the published scores obtained in pivotal TMB studies. This new TMB offering complements our existing portfolio of industry-leading bioinformatics tools for the analysis of whole exome sequencing data, allowing for a comprehensive characterization of tumor DNA. Download our factsheet to learn more.
  • The initiation of early ADME screening can dramatically increase the proportion of compounds succeeding in clinical trials. To advance clinical trial research, Q2 Solutions’ preclinical ADME screening services help customers eliminate weak drug candidates prior to clinical development, helping to focus resources on potential drug candidates so that the right drugs get to the right patients faster, more efficiently. Download our factsheet to read more.
  • At Q2 Solutions, we help develop and use biomarkers in oncology trials across the development spectrum. We have assisted in developing some of the industry’s most well-known biological markers for personalized medicine, and we have the experience to develop a biomarker roadmap across the drug development process. Download our factsheet to learn about our central laboratory approach.

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