Harness the Power of Biomarker and CDx Strategies for Clinical Trial Success

Harness the power of biomarker and CDx strategies for clinical trial success

The use of biomarkers in clinical drug development programs is a growing requirement for many disease areas that have shifted from the one-drug-for-all to targeted therapy trials. Like never before biopharmaceutical companies are incorporating the use of biomarkers in diagnosing, monitoring and treating some of today’s most complex diseases. Having a comprehensive biomarker strategy can be crucial to ensuring clinical and commercial success of your product.  

Q2 Solutions has helped develop some of the industry’s most well-known biomarkers for personalized medicine, we have the expertise to develop a fit-for-purpose biomarker discovery and development strategy based on scientific knowledge and development experience, mitigating risks for improved clinical outcomes.

The growing trend in drug development towards personalized medicine necessitates co-development of the diagnostic with the targeted therapy to deliver the right treatment at the right time and the right dose to the right patient. With Q2 Solutions’ comprehensive solution for companion diagnostic development, we can take your therapeutic in tandem with the companion diagnostic to market faster.

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EA, a Q2 Solutions company, advances science from understanding the human genome and disease biology to detecting the effects of therapies and creating opportunities for those who can leverage new techniques and technologies. EA offers a range of genomic services to support precision medicine and clinical development. 
Our industry-leading genomic services team can help you unearth invaluable insights from your genomic data. Our experts design smarter studies to help you identify biomarkers, discover new pathways, and select the right patient to help you develop safer and more effective medicines for your patients.

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