Pivotal Role of Clinical Trial Laboratories in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

12th Annual Biomarkers Congress Podium Presentation

Presented at the 12th Annual Biomarkers Congress, this presentation details the pivotal role a clinical laboratory can play in today's complex immuno-oncology drug development. With more immuno-oncology products in development, the pharma industry is faced with new and unique challenges related to clinical trials and commercialization, including clinical response in select individuals, complexity of testing, ROI for many assays, and more. Clinical laboratories can play a key role in bringing together technologies, genomic solutions, scientific expertise and more to meet the new challenges of immuno-oncology development. 

Q2 Solutions has the science, capabilities, industry relationships, execution expertise, and the entire product lifecycle support to effectively deliver modern immuno-oncology trials and commercialization. 

Radha Krishnan, MD, Chief Pathologist and Senior Medical Director

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