Genomic Assays for Clinical Development: Identifying the Right Solution from a Wealth of Potential Approaches

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2017 Podium Presentation

Presented at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2017, this presentation provides an overview of how genomic assays can be effectively implemented in clinical development. With careful consideration of the result and desired insights, several different genomic analysis and technologies can be utilized to design and execute smarter trials. Download this presentation to learn how we take a deeper dive into how large panel target enrichment, immune profiling, and HLA analysis are being used in clinical development. Q2 Solutions offers a range of genomic services to support drug discovery, precision medicine and clinical development. Our industry-leading genomic services team can help you uncover valuable insights from your genomic data. Through carefully orchestrated analyses, we work with you to choose platforms and assays that will distinctly fit your needs, and then use them to deliver valuable, informative data. Speaker: Patrick Hurban, Ph.D., Senior Director and Global Head, Translational Genomics