Custom-Pooled Human Hepatocytes for Clearance Prediction of Aldehyde Oxidase Substrates

Activity and scaling approaches for three separate custom pools of cryopreserved human hepatocytes

We are one of the few bioanalytical laboratories successfully employing immunoprecipitation techniques and multi-dimensional LC for the quantitation of biotherapeutics, peptides, proteins, and biomarkers. Our team has the experience and knowledge in development and validation of small and mid-size peptides to proteins, fusion proteins and monoclonal antibodies. The development of these assays is followed by method validation and sample analysis consistent with global regulatory requirements and governed by SOPs.

Presented at the 2016 Great Lakes Drug Metabolism & Disposition Group Annual meeting, this poster presents the comparison of activity of cryopreserved human hepatocytes using six aldehyde oxidase substrates that range in clearance and in vitro to in vivo correlation analysis to assess scaling approaches.

Authors: J. Matthew Hutzler, Mark VandenBranden, Olukayode Oluyedun, Tim Moeller, and Scott Heyward