Exploring the Future Potentials of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Regulated Bioanalysis

Presented at AAPS NBC 2024 by Jason Evans in our Lab Operations group, this poster shares two cases where HRMS coupled to nano-flow liquid chromatography enabled the quantitation of two difficult targets.  The first, a bispecific antibody, exhibited poor specificity and sensitivity using immunoassay alone. Using a hybrid immunoassay-LCMS (IA-LCMS) format, a 50 pg/mL lower limit of quantitation was achieved which was approximately 60 times lower than immunoassay alone. The second, a peptide hormone, had no quality critical capture reagents available. Solid phase extraction was employed and a 3 pg/mL lower limit of quantitation achieved. The generic solid phase extraction technique coupled with HRMS can readily be applied to other peptide hormones.


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