TCR Immune Repertoire Sequencing

Comprehensive characterization of the adaptive immune response

Our DNA based T-cell receptor βeta (TCRβ) sequencing assay allows for a comprehensive characterization of the adaptive immune response through measurement of clonal dynamics and interrogation of clonal populations to a sensitivity of 10-6


  • Accurately characterize TCR immune repertoire by identifying unique CDR3 sequence to inform dynamics of clonal expansion and diversity of T-cell populations
  • Reliable characterization and measurement of TCR  diversity with minimal input requirements
  • Sensitivity with limit of detection of 10-6 in PBMC provides a powerful tool for monitoring antigen-specific TCRs*
  • Flexible input for assay testing to accommodate sample type, limited DNA availability, and research needs

*Sensitivity is input and sample type dependent. Please inquire with us to discuss recommendations for optimal performance.

Download our factsheet to learn more about testing services and assay specifications.