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Optimization of an RNA sequencing method for low quantity degraded samples

Optimizing the Illumina TruSeq® RNA Access method

Expanding the latest testing in Immuno-Oncology to the clinic

Learn how Immuno-Oncology testing is developed and its implications to the patient

STAR SEQR Accurate detection and quantification of RNA fusions using Next...

A tool to detect and quantify fusions from RNA-Seq data

Targeted Sequencing using Custom NEBNext Direct Panels

Addressing common issues in next generation sequencing assays

Leveraging RNA Seq for a robust accurate measure

Presentation from The 2017 Immuno-Oncology Summit In Boston, MA

NGS methods capturing splice variants: Picking the right tool to detect...

Presentation from Precision: Lung Cancer Summit, July 2017

Technical Innovations Advance Gene Expression Profiling

Small-Volume RNA-seq and Improved SMART-Seq® v4 Workflow

Data Science Challenges for Cancer Immunotherapy

South Big Data Hub Presentation, April 2017

Optimization Evaluation of SMART Seq v4 kit for Low Input RNA Sequencing

An improved strategy for expression profiling via RNA sequencing from limiting amounts of RNA

Genomic Assays for Clinical Development

Identifying the right approach from a wealth of potential options

Leveraging Genomics Based Assays for Immuno Oncology in Clinical Research

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2017

Using Gene Signature Methodologies to strengthen Immuno Oncology Trials