Lab of the Future

Scientific, technological and operational expertise to better meet the needs of patients, sites and the sponsors they support

As trials become more complex, the laboratories that support them must evolve and continue to innovate. Our commitment to innovation is how we’re building a better laboratory solution for our customers’ clinical trials – we call it “the lab of the future.” The lab of the future will help our customers develop drugs faster and more efficiently.

Read our insight brief to learn more about this lab of the future model, where the lab partner transitions from a provider of one-off testing services, to a value-driven strategic partner who understands the shifting clinical development ecosystem. As a global clinical trial research laboratory, we are committed to developing innovative end-to-end laboratory solutions that leverage our scientific, technological, and operational expertise to solve specific drug development and healthcare challenges across the globe.

The Evolving Digital Lab Environment

Adding an integrated digital component to the lab of the future is pivotal in providing the same ease-of-use for managing the data around specimens and testing requirements across the trial. 

This digital ecosystem enables clients to see at a glance exactly what specimens they have in their portfolio, where those specimens are in the supply chain, and what trends are emerging from those results. Download our insight brief to learn how we’re using virtual technology to transform our lab environment, making it easy to track every sample and analyze results across the entire trial to support data-driven decisions.

From pharmacokinetic and routine clinical testing, to specialized biomarker services as well as genetic and genomic assays, plus more, sponsors and CROs can count on our knowledge and experience to deliver services quickly and efficiently across the drug development continuum.

Contact us to learn how our lab of the future model can help enhance your clinical trial experience.
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