Innovative Laboratory Solutions

Laboratory services and innovations that transform science and data into actionable medical insights 

As part of our commitment to innovation and building a next generation “lab of the future”, we have developed laboratory solutions that leverage our scientific, technological, and operational expertise to solve specific drug development and healthcare challenges across the globe.  

Lab of the Future
Q2 Solutions is a global laboratory partner that offers sponsors the expertise and experience, plus integrated technology solutions, to support a higher level of clinical research. Read more about our lab of the future model and how we work in seamless partnership with CROs, specialty labs and medical device manufacturers to deliver an end-to-end service offering that meets the challenges of today’s most complex clinical research projects.

Contract Research Organization (CRO) Partnership Model 
Our CRO partnership model streamlines the CRO plus clinical trial laboratory services model from start to finish. This delivery model provides the lab testing, teams and processes for integrated trial delivery with our CRO partners while leveraging our industry-leading tailored solutions, delivery excellence, and insights to shape better outcomes. Read more.

Third Party Lab Management 
Q2 Solutions’ Laboratory Network Solutions (LNS) helps customers realize cost savings, faster contracting and improved study data by alleviating the strain of managing multiple external lab service vendors. Read more.

Q2 Solutions is committed to helping our customers improve human health through innovation that transforms science and data into actionable medical insights. Contact us today to learn more about the innovative lab solutions we can bring to your organization.  
The importance of bioinformatics in immuno-oncology development

Big data solutions and bioinformatics services for genomic insights

Laboratory Network Solutions

Realize cost savings, faster contracting and simplified study data by centralizing your lab delivery and management with a proven lab services provider

Vendor Overload: Integrating third-party lab management to streamline clinical development

Delivery Excellence

Optimizing the customer experience through innovative solutions implemented with premium service that accelerates drug development outcomes

Q2 Solutions Central Laboratory Services

Optimized logistics, deeper science, better insights

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