Insight Brief

The Pivotal Roles Genomics and Flow Cytometry Play in Immuno-oncology Clinical Development

Clinical Trials Laboratories in the Immuno-oncology Setting

Learn how clinical trial laboratories use new innovations in flow cytometry and genomics to advance your immuno-oncology (I-O) studies.

You’ll hear from our Chief Pathologist and Senior Medical Director, Radha Krishnan, M.D., as she also explains: 

  • 3 new challenges contributing to the complexity of I-O therapy development and how new approaches in flow cytometry and genomics are evolving to inform clinical decision making.
  • 6 common I-O assessments, such as gene expression profiling, and their genomic applications.
  • How we used global, harmonized systems and stringent quality control measures to create best practices and help a sponsor move from a Phase I to a Phase III study.

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