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Get the most out of your data. Genomics lays the foundation for personalized medicine, but bioinformatic technologies can generate staggering outputs of data, which can make uncovering the right details difficult.  Our services can help you find what you’re looking for.

Q2SM Tailored solutions

Big data solutions for insightful genomic data
Our expertise provides “Big Data” solutions that enable precision medicine focused drug development resulting in smaller, shorter clinical trials and increased benefit-risk profiles for patients with a particular biomarker profile.  

Answers to complex biological questions
Q2 Solutions has deep expertise across a wide range of genomic technologies to help you make the best choices. Our experienced scientists and bioinformaticians leverage innovative bioinformatics to provide insightful genomic data. When it comes to precious samples, partner with us for the genomic information you need to succeed.

translation genomics and bioinformatics services

Delivery excellence

Unmatched expertise
Our bioinformaticians and genomics experts have over 500 years of experience, have published over 150 peer-reviewed articles in leading scientific journals since 2001 and have taken major roles in the FDA-led MAQC and SEQC projects.

Our staff is committed to the success of your experiments and projects. Analysis often begins with an experimental design consultation to discuss important aspects of the different capabilities of genomic measurement technologies, population variation and power, genomic coverage and expected results. We then continue working together to tailor solutions to fit your needs. While we have developed useful standard methods and analysis pipelines to aid projects, we can also develop and deliver custom fit-for-purpose solutions.

Shaping outcomes

Integrated bioinformatics services
Our bioinformatics staff has diverse expertise across multiple areas of drug development- Biomarker Development, Discovery, Product Development and Global Laboratory Information Services.  This breadth and depth of expertise allows our team to provide you with: 
  • Tailored software development to customize a solution to meet your genomics needs
  • Performance, scalability, flexibility for large volume / on demand analysis and replicating your organization's workflows
  • Commercial and open source tools for complex analysis, open visibility and collaboration
  • Coupled assay development enhancement to increase performance and specificity
  • Genomics based medicine offering provides you with translational insights for precision medicine 

Your needs Our solutions
Finding the right mix of statistical and genomic expertise to make sense of biological data Over 16 years of gene expression experience and bioinformatics services across all assays provided by the genomics wet lab
Managing biological data that is difficult to interpret A combination of clean data, easy to interpret outputs and experimental design
Data storage & computational limitations Multiple private clusters in a single private cloud for data storage
Cost-efficient custom solutions (analysis) We're platform agnostic and can advise on which platform will give you the most power and fixed costs
Custom-pipelines Assay-specific pipelines tailor-made to account for nuances in data generated from different platforms

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Targeted sequencing assay

Gene expression for keeping pace with immuno-oncology breakthroughs and biomarker identification

When and how to use gene expression profiling

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