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Flow Cytometry Assay Development

Dedicated assay development laboratories and experienced flow cytometry scientists

We have dedicated assay development laboratories with experienced flow cytometry scientists, providing:

  • Collaborative engagement with sponsors during validation
  • Expert panel & assay design
  • Feasibility assessment
  • 8-12-week assay validation period during which data is shared to refine the assay as needed
  • QC precision, sample precision, and stability
  • Fit-for-purpose validation

Our laboratories have state-of-the art instruments and we provide quantitative instrument standardization. Globally, we have 8, 10, & 40+ color instruments in seven laboratories. Dedicated analysts and senior analysts are assigned per assay, providing better data consistency and resolution without subjective bias from multiple analysts.

We analyze several hundred thousand of flow cytometry samples each year.

Sample of assays in our catalog
Bispecific Antibody Assays
Dendritic Cell Assays (pDC1, pDC2, cDC1, cDC2, MDDC)
  • CD1c, CD11c, CD45, CD80, CD83, CD86, CD123, CD141, CD273, CD209, CD303, CD304, HLA-DR, Lineage Dump
Erythroid Precursors
  • CD13, CD33, CD34, CD36, CD41, CD45, CD71, CD105, CD117, CD235a, HLA-DR
Leukemic Stem Cells
  • CD7, CD11b, CD19, CD22, CD33, CD36, CD38, CD44, CD45, CD45RA, CD56, CD90, CD123, CD366, CD371
Leukocyte Profile TBNK/Mono/Mac/DC/Gran/Baso/Eos
  • CD1c, CD3, CD4, CD7, CD8, CD14, CD15, CD16, CD19, CD20, CD45, CD123, CD141, CD163, CD193, CD303, CD304, HLA-DR
Minimal Residual Disease Assays/L&L Backbone Panels
Monocyte Subset Assays
  • CD14, CD16, CD45, CD64, CD163, CD172a, HLA-DR, Lineage
Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cell Assays
  • CD11b, CD14, CD15, CD16, CD33, CD45, CD66b, HLA-DR, Lineage Dump, Siglec-8
NK & Innate Lymphoid Cell Assays
  • CD3, CD4, CD7, CD8, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD56, CD57, CD117, CD127, CD137, CD158, CD159a/c, CD161, CD196, CD279 CD294, CD314, CD319, CD335, CD336, CD337, IL-23R, KLRG1, RORgt, ST2/IL-33R, Tbet, TCRVa24-Ja18, TIGIT
Phosphorylated Protein Assays
Receptor Occupancy Assays             

Stem/Progenitor Cell Assays

  • CD10, CD34, CD38, CD90, CD45, CD45RA, CD123, CD135, CD352 
CAR T NK Cell Assays             
Cytotoxic T/NK Cells Assay
  • CD3, CD4, CD7, CD8, CD16, CD45, CD56, CD57, CD107a, Perforin, Granzyme A/B
  • CD3, CD4, CD7, CD8, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD20, CD56, HLA-DR
T Helper Th1, Th2, Th9, Th17, Th22
  • CCR10, CD161, CD183, CD194, CD196, CD197, CD294, CD366, TCRa/b
T Follicular/Peripheral Helper
  • TCRa/b, CD185, CD278, CD279
T Naïve, Memory, Effector, Effector Memory
  • D27, CD28, CD62L, CD45RA, CD45RO, CD197
T Cell Activation/Proliferation
  • CD25, CD38, CD69, CD71, CD134, CD137, CD226, CD278, HLA-DR, Ki-67
T Cell Exhaustion
  • CD152, CD160, CD233, CD244, CD272, CD279, CD366, TIGIT
T Regulatory Cell Assays
  • CD25, CD39, CD127, CD45RA, CD152, CD194, FOXP3, Helios
Tumor Microenvironment/Tumor/Tumor Infiltrating T Cells (FNA)

> 70 flow panels validated and transferred >200,000 flow cytometry samples analyzed globally

Flow Cytometry services

Unique high parameter flow cytometry laboratory services implemented with customizable solutions


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