Alistair J. Watt, Ph.D.
Director, Translational Science Laboratory, Europe
Alistair Watt, Ph.D. is the Director of the Translational Science Laboratory (ADL) in Europe and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has significant experience in the development of flow cytometry, ELISA and Molecular Biology assays for clinical trials. Before joining Q2 Solutions, Dr. Watt was a Senior Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh working on a European Union Framework 6 project to define the conditions necessary for controlled embryonic cell differentiation to multiple cell types. In this role, he mentored Ph.D. students and produced coursework and taught undergraduates. From 2000-2003, Dr. Watt worked at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He was awarded an American Heart Association Post-Doctoral fellowship to study the transcriptional control of heart development leading to a number of high profile publications. Dr. Watt received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 1999 for work on liver development as a model for tissue formation and differentiation.