Rational Combinations 360°

Meet with Q2 Solutions and learn about our solutions in immuno-oncology combination therapies

Philadelphia, PA | September 13, 2018 - September 14, 2018 | 08:00 - 17:00 Add to Calendar
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About This Event

Our team will attend the 3rd annual Rational Combinations 360°, which addresses business aspects, clinical advancements and scientific data in Immuno-Oncology combination strategies.

From biomarkers, companion diagnostics, esoteric testing, immunotherapy, bioinformatics and analytics, Q2 Solutions is committed to help you deploy disruptive innovation in developing precision-targeted therapies. Our translational science experts can help apply science research and discoveries to your immuno-oncology clinical trials.

Request a meeting with our team at Rational Combinations 360° to learn how we can work with you in advancing your immuno-oncology research program.

We look forward to meeting you in Philadelphia.

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