Immuno-Oncology Conference (IO) 360°

Meet with Q2 Solutions at the 2018 Immuno-Oncology 360° Conference and learn how we can help you mitigate risk and improve your immunotherapy clinical trial outcomes

New York, NY | February 07, 2018 - February 09, 2018 | 07:30 - 15:00 Add to Calendar
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About This Event

From biomarkers, companion diagnostics, esoteric testing, high quality data, bioinformatics and analytics, to robust logistics and sample management, Q2 Solutions’ industry leading central lab services are closely tailored to power your oncology and immunotherapy studies across the development continuum.

We can help you leverage latest cancer research and precision medicine industry findings, and design smarter clinical trials through a range of genomic services. Q2 Solutions’ dedicated team can partner with you in effectively harnessing the latest technologies against cancer, and integrate biological markers across your immunotherapy development plan, from discovery, clinical development, and commercialization.

Through Q2 Solutions’ Oncology Center of Excellence, our experts are providing a better understanding of therapeutic targets, molecular signaling, drug biology and patient response.

Make plans to attend our presentation, given by Patrice Hugo, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Q2 Solutions, Howard Grossberg, MD, Senior Medical Director, Oncology Center of Excellence, IQVIA, and Jeff Hodge, MS, VP, Oncology Center of Excellence, IQVIA, at the Immuno-Oncology 360° Conference, on Thursday, February 8th, at 3:55 - 4:20pm. These noted leaders will join other industry experts to offer clinical and laboratory insights into PDL-1 stratification strategies, data driven analytics to find the right patients for clinical trials, and the future of biomarkers in the Immuno-Oncology.

Schedule a meeting with Q2 Solutions at this year’s Immuno-Oncology 360° Conference to learn how we can help you optimize treatment decisions and ensure that the right drug is used to treat the right patient at the right time.

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Patrice Hugo, Ph.D.
Immunology; Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Hugo brings more than 25 years of senior scientific leadership experience with extensive management expertise in laboratory operations applied to diagnostics, therapeutic targets and clinical trials. Most recently, Dr. Hugo was Associate Vice President and Chief Scientist at LabCorp/Covance. He has held several other senior leadership positions at companies including Clearstone Central Laboratories, Caprion and PROCREA BioSciences. A noted industry expert, Dr. Hugo has more than 75 scientific publications in internationally renowned journals. He also is active in a number of industry organizations, including his role on the Board of Directors for the non-for-profit Personalized Medicine Partnership for Cancer in Quebec, Warnex, offering analytical and bioanalytical services and his role as a Steering Committee Member for the Biomarker Factory.

Dr. Hugo obtained his Ph.D. at McGill University and completed five years of post- doctoral fellowship at the Walter Elisa Hall Institute in Australia, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Updated as of September 2018.

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