Central Labs & Diagnostics Partnerships Forum

Meet with Q2 Solutions and learn how our end-to-end laboratory solutions can help you streamline your clinical trial processes and improve data quality

Philadelphia, PA, USA
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About This Event

Q2 Solutions’ core central laboratories solutions can help you meet the unique turnaround times and stability requirements of every protocol and ensure quality from sample collection to data delivery. We can begin with biomarker identification programs in early development and then progressively develop candidate biomarkers into research-appropriate tests and market-ready companion diagnostics in support of precision medicine.

Our far-reaching global network’s scientific acumen and resources can supplement and enhance your internal capabilities, quality assurance, lab data management and analytics, logistics and end-to-end development needs through customized strategic operation models, innovative technological platforms and seamless data integration.

With clinical and scientific experts spanning nearly every major disease area, our integrated approach is designed so we optimize your time to market and commercial success.

Schedule a meeting with Q2 Solutions at the Central Labs & Diagnostics Partnerships Forum to learn how we can help you power logistics, deepen and transform science and data into clear, actionable medical insights to inform and support important study decision-making. 

We look forward to meeting you in Philadelphia.

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