60th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition

Meet with Q2 Solutions at the 2018 ASH Annual Meeting and learn how our end-to-end central lab and precision medicine capabilities can power your hematology study into conquering blood diseases

San Diego, CA | December 01, 2018 - December 04, 2018 | 08:00 - 17:00 Add to Calendar
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About This Event

From biomarkers, companion diagnostics, bioinformatics, analytics, and complete central lab services, Q2 Solutions can help you leverage industry-leading technology, science, research, knowledge and capabilities into shaping better outcomes for your hematology clinical trials. With expertise covering every major therapeutic area, our seasoned teams of scientists and project managers can be your long-term partner to accommodate your needs across a broad range of services through specifically designed closely tailored blood diseases solutions. We are committed to understand and engage with the scientific and medical challenges of your protocol and can help you reach your goals on time and within budget.

Q2 Solutions’ precision medicine services span the development lifecycle to begin with biomarker identification programs in early development, through to progressive development of candidate biomarkers, into research-appropriate tests and market-ready companion diagnostics. Powered by our genomics unit we can help you engage the most appropriate patient populations to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of your therapeutic products.

We offer an extensive set of capabilities and expertise to support identification and analysis including immunoassays, flow cytometry, genomic, liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry, as well as anatomic and molecular pathology solutions. Q2 Solutions’ parent global network and experts in market access for drug/diagnostic combinations, can help develop robust product launch plans and commercial strategies to help ensure in-sync regulatory and payer submissions and launches, improving market adoption and availability to patients.

Schedule a meeting with our team at this year’s ASH Annual Meeting to learn how we can cater for the blood diseases clinical trials’ area and the specificity of your hematology needs as your product pipeline evolves.

We look forward to meeting you in San Diego.

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