AAPS 'Pharma-Sci' 360

Meet with Q2 Solutions at the 2018 AAPS PharmaSci 360 (booth #327) and learn how our dedicated project managers can deliver the science and logistics of your pharmaceutical study projects faster

Washington, D.C. | November 04, 2018 - November 07, 2018 | 08:00 - 17:00 Add to Calendar
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About This Event

Q2 Solutions’ bioanalytical and ADME laboratory services can help you develop methods for detecting your small and large molecule therapeutics, and provide industry leading assays for immunogenicity assessments. Our project managers are committed to delivering reliable, high-quality data for your better decision-making, faster, more efficient drug development, and higher quality regulatory submissions.

We are one of the few bioanalytical laboratories successfully employing immunoprecipitation techniques and multi-dimensional Liquid chromatography for the quantitation of biotherapeutics, peptides, proteins, and biomarkers, in support of your pharmaceutical studies.

Q2 Solutions’ bioanalytical lab operates on complete service offering customization model to fit your development needs so we can help you meet your demanding timelines and budget.

Schedule a meeting with us at this year’s AAPS to learn how some of today’s world recognized scientific leaders can partner with you in solving some of today’s bioanalytical and ADME challenges.

We look forward to meeting you in Washington.

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