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Oncology Drug Development Services

There are unique challenges to oncology drug development, and complex oncology clinical trials require a partner that provides laboratory services throughout the development continuum. Q2 Solutions understands the complex biology of cancer and the associated science and biomarkers that are used - whether pharmacodynamic, proof of mechanism or patient selection biomarkers - to deliver valuable insights in order to shape better outcomes.

Q2 Solutions has developed expertise and capabilities that can uniquely support oncology research in a new era of discovery, precision medicine and clinical development. Q2 Solutions’ end-to-end oncology solutions can support discovery phase research for complex global trials. This includes assisting the design of smarter studies by ensuring the right technology for the right test is incorporated into clinical development programs. With a global network of laboratories, Q2 Solutions is able to effectively deliver data back to its sponsors and clinical sites to help enable the best management of its patients. Q2 Solutions has extensive experience in oncology clinical research, across most solid and hematological tumor types.

With experience in anatomic and molecular pathology, flow cytometry, immunoassay and genomics-based assay development, Q2 Solutions can provide customized, global laboratory solutions specifically suited for the unique combinations of therapeutic indication and targeted mechanism-of-action driving modern oncology drug development.

Precision medicine, or personalized medicine, enabled via Companion Diagnostics, is integral to many oncology programs, and Q2 Solutions has extensive experience in delivering these often complex programs to Pharma & IVD partners. It is recommended to start engagement with the scientific team early, such as at the protocol design phase, for optimal results.

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