Insight Brief
Patrick Hurban, Ph.D. | July 31, 2017

The End to End Importance of Selecting the Right Biomarker in Cancer Studies

A critical component in the fight against cancer and optimizing treatment outcomes for patients
At Q2 Solutions, we are helping develop and use biomarkers in oncology trials across the development spectrum. Because cancer trials increasingly rely on biomarkers to optimize treatment outcomes for patients, the importance of selecting the right biomarker early in the process of development cannot be overstated. Approaches involving the use of biomarkers must fit into the development continuum, starting at the preclinical stage and moving through to diagnostic development.

In this insight brief, learn how we leverage unique genomic technologies and tools to advance our customers' oncology trials. You'll also learn recommendations for avoiding pitfalls and choosing the right patient cohort in cancer studies.

Patrick Hurban, Ph.D., Senior Director and Global Head, Translational Genomics

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