Q2 Solutions is driving several initiatives to address the ever-changing clinical trial laboratory environment

The Pillars of Innovation at Q2 Solutions

Lead with Science  
  • Early scientific engagement
  • Biomarker strategy consultation from idea through implementation
  • Novel assay development & validation
  • Investment in innovative instrumentation
  • Adoption of Digital pathology & AI technologies
Digital Innovation  
  • Virtual biorepository management & integrated informed consent capabilities via Labmatrix technology
  • Application of AI & ML to protocol design
  • Blockchain for sample chain-of-custody (and other use cases)
  • Lab data analytics to drive value-added trial design & management use cases
  • Site Centric Solutions
  • Bioinformatic expertise to drive insights from testing data across platforms
Operational Excellence  
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Leverage data to provide insights to site and study performance
  • Improved productivity leveraging BioFortis technology
  • Advance lab testing and sample capture for Virtual and Near Patient trials

Advanced Analytics

Dashboards and Monitoring tools
Provide near-real time data in a highly customizable format to support proactive study monitoring. Automated tools that monitor study attributes are utilized to identify trends and alert staff to spending anomalies or future overspends.

Near Patient Collection (NPC)

Q2 Solutions has managed many dozens of studies utilizing NPC and has worked with virtual trial suppliers to enable patients to visit local specimen collection locations or have home health professionals visit their homes.

Site Centric Solutions

Portal / Mobile Technology Enhancements
Q2 Solutions is investing heavily in site centric solutions, including mobile technology. We seek to to support kit inventory management, query management, lab report delivery and management and alert management, and improve investigator experiences in clinical trials.

Real-time Query Resolution
Through site accessioning or e-requisition technology, queries can be eliminated or managed in real time.

Point of Care Support Via partners
We help study teams to meet enrollment objectives, by deploying point of care (POC) device as a turnkey solution, so investigators can screen and enroll subjects in a single visit where appropriate.


Q2 Solutions implemented blockchain technology and piloted its use for sample tracking. Our lessons learned are now available via a whitepaper.

Technology and Scientific Innovation

Digital Pathology
Q2 Solutions is investing in digital pathology, which provides ultra-fast scanning and high-resolution images of pathology slides. This will support a paradigm shift around centralized pathology review and reporting, easier access to specialized pathologists, and an improved adjudication process – with automated analysis and artificial intelligence to improve diagnostic accuracy and biomarker discovery.