Custom Genomic Assay Development

Custom laboratory assay and custom analysis design

Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics designs, develops and validates custom genomic assays inclusive of laboratory and bioinformatics methods for sponsors around the world. This includes custom laboratory assay design and/or custom analysis design.

Our experienced scientists evaluate your specific requirements and can advise you on the best solution for your project, whether off-the-shelf or custom. In many cases, a range of options are provided, giving you flexibility to succeed.

Assay Type When to use
Off-the-shelf assay When time is of the essence, our depth of experience allows us to determine if pre-designed solutions
can meet your experimental needs.
Custom assay Custom assays make sense when the content you are looking for is specific and extraneous content is
irrelevant. Our scientists are experienced in designing the most efficient custom assays and bioinformatics methods for your project.

Assay Capabilities include: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Targeted Mutation Panels, Targeted Expression, RNA-based Immune Profiling, Liquid Biopsy, Genotyping

Read more about our expertise in assay optimization, by exploring the Q2 Solutions Comprehensive Cancer Panel (QCCP), a 222 gene panel selected to reflect current and emerging molecular oncology.
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